[4] Jamu (Health Products) Corner

TokoWarisan has a wide collection of jamu (Health Products) for the whole family. These jamu supplements come from Malaysia and Indonesia and they are moderately priced. Below are some of these items on display.

For a complete range, please visit TokoWarisan’s Jamu (Health Products) Corner at selected branches.


 J0001 - DHerbs Perawan Herbal Wash Haruman Bunga Mawar  J0002 - DHerbs Perawan Herbal Wash Haruman Daun Sireh

 J0003 - DHerbs Perawan Herbal Wash Haruman Strawberry

 J0004 - DHerbs Gel Aloe Gamat

 J0005 - DHerbs Maskara Arab

 J0006 - DHerbs Krim Panas Berherba

 J0007 - DHerbs Super Lebat Krim

 J0008 - DHerbs Super Lebat Shampoo

 J0009 - DHerbs Gel Gegetah Cinta

 J0010 - DHerbs Jus Arjunah Maxx

 J0011 - DHerbs Jus Perawan Gold

 J0012 - DHerbs Gamolex Gold

 J0013 - DHerbs Set Bersalin Mak Bidan

J0014 - DHerbs Primadona Gold Premix Coffee

 J0015 - DHerbs Mandian Herba Mak Bidan

J0016 - DHerbs Cincin Pacak Arjuna

J0018 - DHerbs Aura Persona Bintang 2-way Cake

 J0019 - DHerbs Scrub Badan Susu

J0020 - DHerbs Pro Montok Cream

 J0021 - DHerbs Scrub Badan Coffee

 J0022 - DHerbs Diet Gold


 J0023 - DHerbs Beauty Soap

 J0024 - DHerbs Mukjizat Soap

 J0025 - DHerbs Coklat Pintar Ibnu Sina

J0029 - DHerbs Diamond Foundation

 J0030 - DHerbs Krim Mutiara Gold

 J0026 - DHerbs Glow B White

J0027 - DHerbs Lipstik Collagen

 J0028 - DHerbs Celak Arab



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Fame Herbicough (SGD 6.30)Fame Herbicough (SGD 6.30)

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